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New Found Vintage


I am not your typical Vintage shopper, in fact the idea of wearing someone else’s unwanted clothes was completely alien to me!

That was before I made my first purchase in a 2nd hand store in Germany over a year ago. Less than 10 Euro for an amazing sequin cobalt blouse – I knew I was onto a winner!! The make up of this garment is amazing; fully padded shoulders, gem detail buttons and hand stitched sequin bib detail – I fell in love.


There were a few more finds after that – but it wasn’t until I heard about a Kilo sale that my respect for vintage clothing reached a new level.

The Christmas work party was pending, and as I work in a busy fashion office full of girls, there was a slight level of pressure to look lets say….. impressionable!

Having lost all hope in the high street stores after traipsing up and down Grafton St. – I scoured the web for inspiration.

Then there is was – in all its glory – THE SHUTTERBUG VINTAGE CLOTHING KILO SALE – queue lightbulb moment!!


A Kilo Sale is a COMPLETELY new concept to me – but I welcome it with open arms!!!  Basically, you arrive at the venue, are handed a big plastic bag – and off you go (taking care not to lose your life – to the army of shoppers also fending their own territory!).

Once you are happy with your finds – make your way to the till – the goods are measured – and you are charged 20euro per Kilo of Clothes.  Simple and SO SMART!!!

The beautiful and uber cool Blanaid Hennessy is the person responsible for this Vintage Clothing sale and is also the owner of Shutterbug Vintage in Kilkenny, which features vintage pieces and Jeffrey Campbell Shoes.  She has also launched a website featuring contemporary brands, the Shutterbug Vintage edited collection and ‘Folkster’ line of clothing and accessories.


Below are some of my finds for the Christmas party season!!


For my post Christmas vintage fix, my boyfriend treated me to a voucher and drive down to Kilkenny to see this treasure trove of vintage goodies! (Huge browny points earned – I also think he was more excited than me, if possible!!)  Another few gems to add to my small collection of previously loved garments!!


IMG_6140 Check out the below for more vintage goodies;



Ange xx