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Forgive us beautiful bloggers, for we have sinned…


…It has been faaaaaarr too long since our last post! To make up for the lack of beauty reviews TODAY I am gonna show you everything I have in my personal make-up bag that I use on an every-day basis. These are the products that I believe are the BEST on the market (for my skin) and help me achieve flawless skin every day!


My make-up bag contents in their entirety!


MAC Strobe cream

Ok, so first up is my primer! Primer is something that a lot of ladies leave out of their makeup routine, but it is honestly something that your skin needs to give your foundation a smooth, flawless finish. There are many out there for all skin-types, but this is the primer I use on almost every client, except those with very oily skin. Mac Strobe Cream, also comes in a strobe liquid, but I get much more use from this, as it is slightly thicker and so I just use less product. A trick I like to use is to mix the strobe cream with my preferred foundation in the lid or on the back of my hand to provide an irredescent, fresh, vibrant foundation!

The reason I love this product is because the irridescent pigments (you can see a pinky blue tone in the light) produce a soft, radiant light on the skin, which reduces the appearance of skin imperfections by providing a natural-looking glow. It feels refreshing and it leaves the skin looking healthier and more radiant. Another tip I like to use is I rub it on my collarbone as a highlighter and up the middle of my shins to give a beautiful natural sheen to my legs on a night out. It really looks fabulous over a tan and on your collarbones as a highlighter too!
MAC Studio-fix fluid
I love this foundation so much and I use it on basically every client that I make over! It suits combination skin (which most of us are) perfectly, but mixed with the right primer it can even suit dry skin. It is oil free and the coverage is medium – buildable. I find the coverage excellent and I very rarely use concealer, unless I have particularly bad bags or blemishes. It comes in a great range of shades, but always make sure you get a colour match done by someone you trust! DON’T forget (especially if you have oily or combination skin) you will still need a loose powder to set your foundation and ensure it lasts!

You all know from my very first post that my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder is the one I can NOT live without!
You can view that entry… >> https://angeallthatjazz.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/my-favourite-make-up-must-have/ << HERE!

NARS “Orgasm” blusher
Well as you can see, I truly make sure I get the most out of my favourite blusher! When I started my make-up course in LA Make-Up Academy five years ago they gave us a list of the top ten make-up essentials for any make-up artist and of course, this blusher was on it. It is the one blusher that I can honestly say suits absolutely everybody, regardless of age, skin tone or skin type. It is a peachy pink with a SLIGHT golden shimmer that brightens up any complexion, providing you with a warm glow. The pigmentation is excellent and it is really easy to blend and lasts ages! Perfect!
Urban Decay Baked Bronzer “Toasted”
I love this bronzer because it’s somewhere in between a shimmer and a matte. I have enough gold shimmer with my “Orgasm” blusher, so this “Toasted” shade by Urban Decay is great for me. I have fair skin and the pigmentation is good, but a light sweep warms my complexion perfect AND when I’m wearing fake tan the bronzer is buildable and provides me with a nice warmth either way! I usually use it to contour, and to prevent any dangerous double chin mishaps in photographs!

3 colour eyebrow palette

I bought this BRILLIANT eyebrow kit at a Professional Beauty Show in the RDS recently. It includes tweezers, wax, razor, brushes, stencils and all the other tools you need to achieve perfect eyebrows! The colours in this kit work on basically everybody, my eyebrows are REALLY dark so I tend to mix the dark brown with a TIIIIINY bit of the brown, using my angled brush. The colours are also great for doing a bit of a smokey matte brown eye! http://www.eyeluvbrows.com

Next up, of course I mattify my eyelids with my other makeup essential, Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion! Read the review >> https://angeallthatjazz.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/another-make-up-must-have/ << HERE!

I have run out of it at the moment and I am back to using Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow primer, which I don’t really rate, but it is better than nothing! You can see it in the very first picture!
I carry around one little four shadow palette by MAC for all my eyeshadow and highlighting needs!
Top left is Carbon by MAC, Top right is Shroom by MAC,
Bottom Left is Sweet Lust by MAC, Bottom right is Brun by MAC
Sweet Lust
These are all MAC, so you know the pigment is great! I love “Shroom” on the cheekbones and brow bone, whereas I love “Sweet Lust” on my cupids bow and on the inside of my eyes. They are both great highlighters! “Brun” and “Carbon” are my two favourite colours to use for my smokey eyes!
Inglot eyeliner gel “77”
Ok, so I’ve tried out EVERY gel liner on the market and I don’t have a FAVOURITE, they all do the same job, whether it’s MAC, Bobbi Brown or Essence… I get 20% off in Inglot and I’m slowly buying more Inglot shadows than MAC shadows and I also love their lipliners. I decided I’d try their matte black gel liner and I love it. The consistency is perfect, it’s blackest black and it washes off my brush easier than some others. We’ll see how it goes as it begins to dry out. So far, so good.

Mac eye-kohl “Smoulder”, Make-Up Forever Khol Pencil “white”, Inglot lip pencil “RED”, MAC lip pencil “Spice”
These are the only four pencils I use in my own make-up bag!
I use “Smoulder” on my waterline and it melts perfectly, I also use it for an ultra-smokey eye all over the lid!
I love using the white eyeliner on my water line with a 50’s flick, it really opens up the eyes and helps you look bright-eyed and bushy tailed!
“Spice” is a gorgeous pink-brown shade which looks really deep on, it’s a very sophisticated look!
The red by Inglot is brilliant, it’s so creamy and the brush on the end is SUPER handy! I tend to colour in my whole lip with the liner and smooth is out with the brush for a red lip that lasts ALL day and is lovely and matte!

Angled brush by CROWN,pencil brush by BEAUTY STROKES, blending brush by CROWN, eyeshadow brush by FACE2, foundation brush by MAC, blusher brush by FACE2
Obviously I have HUNDREDS of brushes but for every day on myself these are all I use! As with everything all brands have their star products, brushes are no different. However, my favourite brush brands are CROWN BRUSHES http://www.crownbrush.co.uk/ This brand is great for cheap brushes, brilliant for makeup artists or someone who just wants to get a really good set. I also love The Body Shop brushes, as they are synthetic and cruelty-free, but I use them on my clients more-so as they are easier to clean.
And there you have my very interesting make-up bag!
If you have any questions on any of the products or anything else, just leave me a message! Thanks for reading guys!