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I’m a rockabilly!


As promised to the lovely Annette over at http://notquitecarrieb.wordpress.com/ <;;>; here is my first outfit of this Halloween!


The background story to this is basically that we were having a house party and NONE of my friends wanted to dress up. I really wanted to dress up but didn’t want to look like an idiot so I decided to wear clothes that I’ve never put together before and do my hair and makeup Rockabilly style! My top is a bralet from Penneys and a polka dot pencil skirt from River Island and my blue shoes are also from Penneys!


Here is a close up of my makeup on the night and if you take a look at my most recent beauty post you can see everything that I used to achieve the look here >> https://angeallthatjazz.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/forgive-us-beautiful-bloggers-for-we-have-sinned/ <<




The eyelashes are Cheryl Cole lashes by eyelure…

Basically I LOVED wearing this look and everybody told me how amazing I looked as a rockabilly so I might just start rocking the rockabilly more often!


Moi and my lovely friend Grainne at the party… Who didn’t come as a leopard, funny enough!