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Another make-up MUST have!


Staying on the topic of my must-have products, this is an essential for anybody who loves makeup and of course, eyeshadow! My favourite products are usually products that I can NOT do a makeover without using, regardless of who the client is – to make sure I provide them with makeup that I know will last all day and all night!

A common complaint that I get regularly is that your eye makeup runs or that eyeshadow doesn’t last all day or all night and gathers in the crease, which is not the look anybody wants to go for and it can make your eyes look saggy, which is NOT a good look!

I used to use Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow primer, which is very good, but I can not recommend Urban Decay’s Primer Potion highly enough. I have very oily skin, and my eye makeup would never last even a few hours on a hardcore dancing night out! However, when I started working on the Urban Decay counter, I started using their primer potion under my eyeshadow and I kid you not, one morning (after a rough night before) I woke up to find my full eyeshadow still intact. Not that I encourage leaving your makeup on all night, in fact for people with oily skin this is a very bad idea! I now keep a cream cleanser and toner by my bed and USUALLY manage to muster the energy to do a bit of a cleanse before conking out after a long day and an even longer night! However, since that fateful night, I would never apply eyeshadow without the Primer Potion as my base.

Not only does it make your eyeshadow last all day, it also creates a base that will leave your colours more vibrant and prevents fallout as eyeshadow sticks to it, rather than falling off the brush.

*TIP* Never rub the primer into your eyelids with your fingers! The point is to reduce the amount of oil on your eyelids and by rubbing in with your fingers, you are introducing an oil, so always blend in with an eyeshadow brush before applying your eyeshadow!

Urban Decay recently brought out the Primer Potion in the shade of their most popular colour “Sin”, which is a nude pink shimmer, I got it and wasn’t impressed with the consistency, it is pretty sticky, but easy to slick on if you’re on the go. They’ve also recently released two other colours, “Eden” and “Greed”, which I haven’t tried but I will let you know! And here’s another tip, I used “Sin” on my cheekbones, as a highlighter similar to high beam for a gorgeous glow! Hope this helps you ladies!