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Jael Strauss – ANTM shocker!


Today I learned some very sad news about one of my favourite ANTM contestants of all time! I remember Season 8 better than I remember even most of the more recent series’ and I had two favourites, Natasha (Nashasha as we used to call her) and Jael. Neither of the girls won but they stand out so well in my memory, Andrea and I used to watch it religiously with all our housemates, including one boy who secretly loves the show, despite protesting at the time!!

Here is a picture of the stunning, vibrant Jael on the show to spark your memory!


However I digress, the news has broke of an upcoming episode of Dr. Phil in which Jael’s family confront her about her addiction to crystal meth. While the news is obviously shocking, it took a picture of Jael to really make me realise the damage drugs can do, Jael is completely unrecognisable as her 6 year addiction has apparently rotted her teeth and left her body covered in sores.

Here is the shocking picture of what she looks like on Dr. Phil, just 6 years after her stint on ANTM.


Reports say that Jael’s mother, Debbie and brother, Brandon went to Jael’s hometown with Dr. Phil in tow – hoping to find Jael who is apparently living on the streets. She reluctantly agrees to go to LA for an intervention on the show and when she gets there she is apparently physically forced onstage, before running away and out into the Paramount parking lot. Dr. Phil follows her and does the usual condescending “I have never followed anyone out here, I really want to help you” speech and I guess you have to tune in to see if she goes along with it all. Let’s hope she does!


It really is so shocking to see these photos when they are both put together, in only 6 years methamphetamine has completely riddled her body.

For those of you still struggling to put a face to the name (there has been 11 more series since) let me remind you of the episode where she annoyed the head off 50 cent so much that he pushed her into a swimming pool at a party and Natasha, being an absolute dote didn’t want to see her embarrassed and jumped in right after her. It’s also worth noting that despite making a bit of an eejit of herself, Jael won best photo that week. She really had so much potential.


Really hoping Jael gets on the mend and soon, it’s unfortunate it had to be done in such a public manner but if it works, I don’t slam it.