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New Years Eve – What I wore (Jazz)


So, as promised over at my most recent blog on how to banish cellulite for GOOD, which is available here >> https://angeallthatjazz.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/i-have-found-the-miracle-cure-for-cellulite-and-at-a-fraction-of-the-price-of-other-treatments/ <<

I present to you all the dress that inspired me to stop being lazy and start looking after myself better, all in the name of being FABULOUS to ring in the New Year! New Year, new dress, new me! Sounds logical… Right!?


So here is a “selfie” as I believe all the cool kids are calling it these days!

The dress is from House of Fraser and is the “Alex Matte Gold Sequin Dress” by “Glamorous”, which you can purchase here >> http://glamorous.com/alex-khaki-sequin-dress.html << should you so desire!

And it is a complete knock off of the uber expensive “Anita gold sequin dress” by “House of Dereon” for a fraction of the price! Obviously this is something I want to brag about!


Obviously I don’t look as FABULOUS as this beautiful model, but I got many compliments on my “60’s style” over the course of the night, as well as being told I looked like “A Bond girl…” (riiiight) Or a “Charlie’s Angel” (Which is EXACTLY what I was going for) so I’ll take what I can get!

I love how the dress hugs my curves but is unbelievably flattering and I just LOVE the three quarter length sleeves! I have always wanted to find and get away with a dress like this and I really felt amazing in it! Win!

ImageMyself and my awesome friend Richie / Boo the prankster!


Me (L) Karen (M) Niamh (R)

Me and my two beautiful friends Karen and Niamh!

As you can see, I kept the makeup to a minimum, seeing as the dress made such a statement, and I wanted to keep to the 60’s vibe, so a flick of liner and a red lip (as usual) was about all I wore!

Hope you all like, please comment below with any questions / advice you have! Thanks for reading guys!