I’m a rockabilly!


As promised to the lovely Annette over at http://notquitecarrieb.wordpress.com/ <;;>; here is my first outfit of this Halloween!


The background story to this is basically that we were having a house party and NONE of my friends wanted to dress up. I really wanted to dress up but didn’t want to look like an idiot so I decided to wear clothes that I’ve never put together before and do my hair and makeup Rockabilly style! My top is a bralet from Penneys and a polka dot pencil skirt from River Island and my blue shoes are also from Penneys!


Here is a close up of my makeup on the night and if you take a look at my most recent beauty post you can see everything that I used to achieve the look here >> https://angeallthatjazz.wordpress.com/2012/11/14/forgive-us-beautiful-bloggers-for-we-have-sinned/ <<




The eyelashes are Cheryl Cole lashes by eyelure…

Basically I LOVED wearing this look and everybody told me how amazing I looked as a rockabilly so I might just start rocking the rockabilly more often!


Moi and my lovely friend Grainne at the party… Who didn’t come as a leopard, funny enough!



Matt Bomer > Channing Tatum… Not according to People Magazine!


So People Magazine have issued their Sexiest Men Alive… 2012 list and it was not without a few surprises! As you may or may not know they tend to name their Number 1 but then have a brief list of runners up! And this year the winner is…. (Of COURSE) The swoonsome Channing Tatum!

Since the lovely people AT People don’t number the men in order of preference I will take it upon myself to do so here, so read on if you want to see my picks of the bunch and those who didn’t make the cut who really should have!

1.Channing Tatum


Personally I’m wondering why People Magazine took so long to crown him the Sexiest Man in the world, Ange and I used to hang half naked pictures of Channing in our kitchen when we first discovered him in “She’s the Man” allll the way back in 2005! Although we always were ahead of the trends! ūüėÄ

2. Matt Bomer


Well, DUUUUUUHHH this is a no brainer. The man is a God. AND he’s the only gay on the list, the man is always breaking boundaries and looking unbelievable while doing so! We love you Matt!

3. Chris Hemsworth


Again, I hate to brag but Chris Hemsworth has been a “Sexiest Man Alive” in my eyes since I first laid eyes on him in my FAVOURITE soap “Home and Away”, in which he played Kim. The ultimate softie / dreamboat in the Bay!

…I’ll stop with the obligatory topless pictures now… Maybe!

4. Bradley Cooper


Ok, so I lied but how could I NOT put in a picture of Bradley topless. This picture says it all really. He’s a handsome man with an amazing body AND he knows how to enjoy life and is probably GREAT craic to hang around with… And I know you can’t see into his eyes in this picture, but don’t forget they are as blue as the water he is standing in…

5. Max Greenfield


I am SO glad Max made it onto this list! Too often funny men are looked over in the sexy stakes, but personally I find funny men the sexiest! He even looks well in a fat suit! Check out this HILARIOUS video of him as a young Schmidt! He made this video himself in an out-take! Love him! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hddsKBHKqm8

6. Oscar Pistorius


Oscar is not only sexy but he is one determined man! Both of his legs were amputated at the knee at the mere age of 11 months old but he has never let this hold him back in displaying his sporting prowess. He played every sport he could in school and is known as “The Fastest Man on no Legs” but in People Magazine, he is merely known as “sexy”. Hear, hear!

7. Paul Rudd


This photo epitomises why I love Paul Rudd. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and I don’t think he realises how gorrrrgeous he is! I first fell in love with him in “Clueless”, I ached to see him and Phoebe make things work in “Friends” and I snorted Fanta out of my nose laughing at him in “Role Models”. He is talented across the board and never ages. Paul Rudd we salute you!

8. Richard Gere


Obviously there are SO many things I could say about Richard Gere but I will choose just one.

“Pretty Woman”, nuff said! That and I HOPE my husband looks THIS GOOD at 63! Holy Mary!

9. Denzel Washington


The man needs no introduction. He’s always on the list, he will always be handsome and he will always be the only “Denzel”.

10. Ben Affleck


I’m sure there is something sexy about Ben Affleck… I just don’t see it… I can’t see it after the whole “Bennifer” thing… Or maybe I don’t want to see it!? Either way, he’s low in my countdown at number 10! Sorry Ben!

11. Blake Shelton


Ok… Bear with me, I’m Irish and I have NO idea who this man is… But I can see that he is kinda / sorta sexy… He wouldn’t be in my top 12 EVER though!

12. Damien Lewis


WHAT?! Like… Just… WHAT!? Crazy Americans.


1. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

This man needs to be more famous. He is absolutely the most handsome man in dreads I have ever laid eyes on!

2. Dan Ewing

Dan Ewing

My dream man. Actually the most beautiful man in the world… If Chris Hemsworth can make it to Hollywood from Home and Away I am praying to GOD that Dan does too!

3. Liam Neeson

Funny, charming, amazingly talented, adoring to his late wife, Irish… Oh Liam, let us count the ways in which we love you!


1. Ryan Gosling

What can I say about Ryan!? I just don’t see it. Sorry ladies!

2. Robert Pattinson

While I wouldn’t mind if my boyfriend looked like R-Patz (And I definitely would never cheat on a boyfriend who looks THAT good) the mass appeal of Robert leads to a lack of appeal to me! I must just be fickle like that!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Were any of you surprised by any omissions to the list!? Let me know who YOU think is the sexiest man alive!



Forgive us beautiful bloggers, for we have sinned…


…It has been faaaaaarr too long since our last post! To make up for the lack of beauty reviews TODAY I am gonna show you everything I have in my personal make-up bag that I use on an every-day basis. These are the products that I believe are the BEST on the market (for my skin) and help me achieve flawless skin every day!


My make-up bag contents in their entirety!


MAC Strobe cream

Ok, so first up is my primer! Primer is something that a lot of ladies leave out of their makeup routine, but it is honestly something that your skin needs to give your foundation a smooth, flawless finish. There are many out there for all skin-types, but this is the primer I use on almost every client, except those with very oily skin. Mac Strobe Cream, also comes in a strobe liquid, but I get much more use from this, as it is slightly thicker and so I just use less product. A trick I like to use is to mix the strobe cream with my preferred foundation in the lid or on the back of my hand to provide an irredescent, fresh, vibrant foundation!

The reason I love this product is because the irridescent pigments (you can see a pinky blue tone in the light) produce a soft, radiant light on the skin, which reduces the appearance of skin imperfections by providing a natural-looking glow. It feels refreshing and it leaves the skin looking healthier and more radiant. Another tip I like to use is I rub it on my collarbone as a highlighter and up the middle of my shins to give a beautiful natural sheen to my legs on a night out. It really looks fabulous over a tan and on your collarbones as a highlighter too!
MAC Studio-fix fluid
I love this foundation so much and I use it on basically every client that I make over! It suits combination skin (which most of us are) perfectly, but mixed with the right primer it can even suit dry skin. It is oil free and the coverage is medium – buildable. I find the coverage excellent and I very rarely use concealer, unless I have particularly bad bags or blemishes. It comes in a great range of shades, but always make sure you get a colour match done by someone you trust! DON’T forget (especially if you have oily or combination skin) you will still need a loose powder to set your foundation and ensure it lasts!

You all know from my very first post that my Laura Mercier Translucent Powder is the one I can NOT live without!
You can view that entry… >> https://angeallthatjazz.wordpress.com/2012/08/26/my-favourite-make-up-must-have/ << HERE!

NARS “Orgasm” blusher
Well as you can see, I truly make sure I get the most out of my favourite blusher! When I started my make-up course in LA Make-Up Academy five years ago they gave us a list of the top ten make-up essentials for any make-up artist and of course, this blusher was on it. It is the one blusher that I can honestly say suits absolutely everybody, regardless of age, skin tone or skin type. It is a peachy pink with a SLIGHT golden shimmer that brightens up any complexion, providing you with a warm glow. The pigmentation is excellent and it is really easy to blend and lasts ages! Perfect!
Urban Decay Baked Bronzer “Toasted”
I love this bronzer because it’s somewhere in between a shimmer and a matte. I have enough gold shimmer with my “Orgasm” blusher, so this “Toasted” shade by Urban Decay is great for me. I have fair skin and the pigmentation is good, but a light sweep warms my complexion perfect AND when I’m wearing fake tan the bronzer is buildable and provides me with a nice warmth either way! I usually use it to contour, and to prevent any dangerous double chin mishaps in photographs!

3 colour eyebrow palette

I bought this BRILLIANT eyebrow kit at a Professional Beauty Show in the RDS recently. It includes tweezers, wax, razor, brushes, stencils and all the other tools you need to achieve perfect eyebrows! The colours in this kit work on basically everybody, my eyebrows are REALLY dark so I tend to mix the dark brown with a TIIIIINY bit of the brown, using my angled brush. The colours are also great for doing a bit of a smokey matte brown eye! http://www.eyeluvbrows.com

Next up, of course I mattify my eyelids with my other makeup essential, Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion! Read the review >> https://angeallthatjazz.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/another-make-up-must-have/ << HERE!

I have run out of it at the moment and I am back to using Laura Mercier’s eyeshadow primer, which I don’t really rate, but it is better than nothing! You can see it in the very first picture!
I carry around one little four shadow palette by MAC for all my eyeshadow and highlighting needs!
Top left is Carbon by MAC, Top right is Shroom by MAC,
Bottom Left is Sweet Lust by MAC, Bottom right is Brun by MAC
Sweet Lust
These are all MAC, so you know the pigment is great! I love “Shroom” on the cheekbones and brow bone, whereas I love “Sweet Lust” on my cupids bow and on the inside of my eyes. They are both great highlighters! “Brun” and “Carbon” are my two favourite colours to use for my smokey eyes!
Inglot eyeliner gel “77”
Ok, so I’ve tried out EVERY gel liner on the market and I don’t have a FAVOURITE, they all do the same job, whether it’s MAC, Bobbi Brown or Essence… I get 20% off in Inglot and I’m slowly buying more Inglot shadows than MAC shadows and I also love their lipliners. I decided I’d try their matte black gel liner and I love it. The consistency is perfect, it’s blackest black and it washes off my brush easier than some others. We’ll see how it goes as it begins to dry out. So far, so good.

Mac eye-kohl “Smoulder”, Make-Up Forever Khol Pencil “white”, Inglot lip pencil “RED”, MAC lip pencil “Spice”
These are the only four pencils I use in my own make-up bag!
I use “Smoulder” on my waterline and it melts perfectly, I also use it for an ultra-smokey eye all over the lid!
I love using the white eyeliner on my water line with a 50’s flick, it really opens up the eyes and helps you look bright-eyed and bushy tailed!
“Spice” is a gorgeous pink-brown shade which looks really deep on, it’s a very sophisticated look!
The red by Inglot is brilliant, it’s so creamy and the brush on the end is SUPER handy! I tend to colour in my whole lip with the liner and smooth is out with the brush for a red lip that lasts ALL day and is lovely and matte!

Angled brush by CROWN,pencil brush by BEAUTY STROKES, blending brush by CROWN, eyeshadow brush by FACE2, foundation brush by MAC, blusher brush by FACE2
Obviously I have HUNDREDS of brushes but for every day on myself these are all I use! As with everything all brands have their star products, brushes are no different. However, my favourite brush brands are CROWN BRUSHES http://www.crownbrush.co.uk/ This brand is great for cheap brushes, brilliant for makeup artists or someone who just wants to get a really good set. I also love The Body Shop brushes, as they are synthetic and cruelty-free, but I use them on my clients more-so as they are easier to clean.
And there you have my very interesting make-up bag!
If you have any questions on any of the products or anything else, just leave me a message! Thanks for reading guys!


It’s as if “The Bachelor UK” never even happened! Made In Chelsea, Season 4


SO Season 4 of Made in Chelsea started up again last night and it would appear it’s going to be much of the same from the Chelsea brigade in the new season, except without Caggie – who is notably absent from the opening credits – and Hugo is also missing (perhaps because he went on The Bachelor UK and was part of the episode where Spencer’s friends basically told all the girls that Spencer did it for money and was still with Louise) and they appear to be up a few new cast members in the form of a new tall blonde for Richard to annoy Cheska with and a new threat to Spencer’s relationship with Louise, in the form of the very dashing Andy – who owns a yacht, loike – wouldn’t you know!

IF you have never watched “Made in Chelsea” before now and you are worried you can’t watch the new season – fear not my friends who actually appear to have a life – the new season opens with a montage of ALL the most dramatic and exciting moments of last year which lasts a WHOLE ONE minute and THIRTY seconds, which in itself hints at how utterly compelling this shit is. There is also a voiceover from the unbelievably dull Rosie to tell you what the show is basically about:
“It’s cliquey and like… almost incestuous… But we all… Manage to hang out”, this said in the manner of a girl who has been given a script and had a gun held to her head to make her utter the words – and to be completely honest, there is nothing I would put past the MIC producers, however, I digress!

The show opens and there is some form of a car -which is probably more expensive than my house- speeding round a bend in some country which doesn’t remotely look like England, but the producers don’t give us time to put two and two together, we immediately learn in a subtitled form that it is being filmed in Saint Tropez. Obviously the cast are “Made in Chelsea” but the programme is “Made wherever the fuck we want”, cue obligatory shots of yachts, boats and the general “good life” as it were, and there is Jamie and Francis out ski-ing and declaring their undying love for each other, before getting cocktails on a fancy beach and perving on girls with the most unbelievable bodies I have ever seen – all in a days work, eh lads? Despite my giving out though, they are in fact my two favourite characters on the show. Jamie, the unlucky in love playboy and Francis, the unbelievably successful entrepreneur who is an absolute social retard. Unsurprisingly their first conversation is over Jamie’s recent drought with women and they plan to have a party on someones boat. Yayyyy!

Next up is Louise and Rosie (yawn) with a nice little product placement for Victoria and her “new swimwear collection” to open up the conversation and THEN we get our first glimpse of the Spencer and Louise situation.

Rosie “So when’s Spencer coming?”

Louise “Today… It’s been so long now, I haven’t seen him all Summer… I think we’ve both taken the meaning of ‘break’ quite differently, you know he’s kissed people and stuff, so… blah blah blah”

Yeah, no shit Louise, you haven’t seen him all Summer because he’s been looking for “love” on a National television programme. Presumably Rosie does in fact know that he’s kissed people, because it has been broadcast AND it appears that Miss Khloe-with a k-Evans, the eventual winner of “The Bachelor UK” was indeed duped in her quest for love and well deserved to post on twitter that it was all a sham. See story here:


Of course, I had a nosey and all three finalists from The Bachelor UK had something to say about the situation on twitter as it unfolded in front of them, Chloe Levitt-Collins was firmly in her “new best pals” corner!


Whereas Khloe – with a K – or is it with a C?! MAKE YOUR MIND UP WOMAN! Well, Khloe did not appear to be bitter at all, at all, at all… Oh dear!


Even Spencers MIC co-star Ollie Locke weighed in on things!


And that is probably as much as is going to be said on the whole sordid situation! Not even Gavin Henson managed to balls the first series up this much!

So of course Rosie gets on her typical high horse and has a bit of advice for Louise “Yeah, you know you don’t want to seem… so available” so basically, don’t drop your knickers for him as soon as he gets here, cos we all know that’s what you’re good at! Louise insists “No, no, NO I am not putty in his hands. He can’t pick me up and drop me when he wants”. But it appears that he can, because despite a steely reception from Louise initially, Spencer takes her to a bedroom asks her to stay the night, tells her he loves her that charming bastard also appears to have convinced her that the only reason he was kissing other girls was because he missed kissing her, and of course Louise is under the covers before he’s finished his little speech and order is restored in the MIC world! Huzaaah!

The outsider clique of Ollie, Binky and Cheska are left behind (again) in Chelsea and there’s a whole lot of Ollie being lonely and Cheska and Binky supporting him and Richard trying to set him up – oh and he gets a haircut, nothing particularly interesting to see here folks, lets move along, back to Saint Tropez with us!

Rosie and Louise go for brunch, but while Rosie’s runs to the bar of course Louise can’t be left alone and Jamie’s friend Andy makes his move “Hi, you’re Louise, I’ve admired you from afar”, etc, etc. of course Louise is putty in any sleazy man’s hands and laps it up before telling him her life story and as he dashes off he shouts something about hoping Spencer dies – or perhaps something less dramatic, I have a tendency to make things up in my mind if I find the reality (or non-reality in this case) is dull!

The rest of the show is boring enough, so I’ll condense it into highlights and lowlights:


1. Spencer tears Andy away from a group of French birds in bikinis for a man-to-man. Here we see Spencer as the eternal protagonist and hear his first soliliquay of the series.

“‚ÄúMate, if you want to crack on and go head to head on it, you‚Äôre going to fucking lose‚ÄĚ before storming off in a fog, despite it being shot by a pool. Oh yeah folks, in case you’re wondering, the “it” in question here, is of course Louise!

2. Jamie comparing Spencer to a polar bear, Spencer recoils in horror at the comparison to which Jamie defends it “Polar bears are the most dangerous animal…” Spencer insists that hippos are more dangerous and the two argue over which is more dangerous for a lengthy minute of riveting television, before deciding that the matter at hand is in fact Jamie’s friend “cracking on to my (Spencer’s) bird”. Charmed, I’m sure!

3. When Jamie and Francis arrive home Proudlock unveils a painting for their apartment. It is a genius meche of the three boys faces and the funniest thing I’ve seen on MIC in a LONG time! The painting includes Proudlock’s cross earring, which I want to pull right out of his stupid looking ear… I suppose he couldn’t not get that in, could he! Here we learn there is to be a HOUSE PARTY!


4.Andy arrives at Jamie’s party with ONE bottle of unlabelled rose wine – which compliments his rose pink shirt perfectly – his two friends arrive empty handed… SOMEBODY hold these party animals down… Christ!

5. Spencer’s soliliquay about how much he loves Louise and demanding Andy to “LEAVE THE FOCKING TERRACE BEFORE I GET ANGRY”… swoon! At this point, I start to wonder how Louise has kept her knickers on throughout this heated debate!

Lowlights :

1. Spencer pulling up in his ferrari, handing the valet boy his keys, ferrari logo side up

Valet boy “Under what name should I put the car?”

*moment of suspense*

Out he hops and utters THIS: “Matthews… Spencer Matthews”

OMG, I hope the makers of James Bond were watching this interaction, Spencer is a fucking shoe in for the next film – I think not.

2. Any scene with Cheska in it.

3. Ollie announcing he is now straight (again) and wants to cut TEN INCHES off his flowing mane.

4. The COMPLETE lack of Millie and her rude and sarcastic comments. BRING BACK MILLIE!

And as usual we are treated to a preview of what to expect next time on MIC! Here’s a quick round up:

Andy cracks on to Louise (again)

Jamie and his friend form a love triangle over a main female character in the show… (again)

Olly meets a pretty girl and proceeds to act like a thundering fucking eejit (again)

Round-up of common themes in MIC

Use of the word “wah” to give girls a compliment: 5

Use of the word “chicks” : 2

Use of the word “fock or focking” from Spencer having a knicker fit: 56

Amount of times we are reminded that the love triangle spat is taking place on a FOCKING TERRACE: 6 (I wish I was joking)

Amount of times Louise claimed she would play hard to get with Spencer this time: 1

Amount of times Louise played hard to get with Spencer: 0

And there you have it folks, Season Four of MIC looks set to be a good one! Please note, all opinions are my own (Jazz) and although I hate the show, I love it really and while I’m aware of my own contradiction I will not back down on it! Enjoy guys!

Jazz x

The Emmys 2012 red carpet glamour… The Good, The Bad and the Downright Fugly!


The 64th Annual PrimeTime Emmy Awards were on Sunday night, the 23rd of September at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. The biggest trend of the night was bright colours, and plenty of them, although canary yellows seemed to be the leading choice for the fashion pack! Other prevalent colours were orange, red, green, blues and teals. Other popular shades include the season’s “it” hue, which were purples, burgundys and wine shades. Sequins were, as always a popular choice, in all shades – teal, silver and gunmetal being the most popular – and we also had a few little surprises in the shape of mermaid gowns!

So here, I bring you a selection of red carpet looks that stood out to me the most, some for all the right reasons and some for alllll the wrong reasons! Oooh, I just love judging people with more money and talent than me!

First I bring you The Good:


Ginnifer Goodwin

I absolutely LOVE this look, Ginnifer hits the mark in this stunning dress by Monique Lhuillier and Rona Pfeiffer and her jewellery is by Graziela Gems. She is carrying a silver crystal minaudiere by Salvatore Ferragamo, the styling is fab and her hair and makeup is just flawless. It would have been a crime had she over accessorised or gone too dramatic on her hair and makeup. Hooray for Ginnifer!


Julie Bowen

In the first of the yellow gowns you will see here from the Emmys, Julie shines bright in this strapless gown by Monique Lhuillier. Julie kept it simple with a clutch and dangling earrings. Leaving her hair down but off her face, she showed off her smokey eye and nude lip and she looks stunning.


Kaley Cuoco

“The Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley looks gorgeous in this yellow Angel Sanchez dress, with a sequinned bodice. She wore Jimmy Choo heels, her clutch was by Stark and her jewellery was by H.Stern. Her messy side plait and natural make-up is just perfect too!


Claire Danes

Another blonde and another yellow dress! Claire Danes won the award for “Outstanding Lead Actress” for her role in “Homeland” on the night and this yellow dress by Lanvin made sure she was noticed on the red carpet! The dress is “bump-friendly” for pregnant Claire and she looks absolutely radiant!


Leslie Mann

I absolutely LOVE this look by Leslie Mann and it narrowly missed out in my favourites list! The turquoise accessories look AMAZING with this Naeem Khan dress and her upstyle and make-up choices are perfect! Plus I just LOVE a dress with pockets, she looks very cool, fair play Leslie!


Emilia Clark

The “Game of Thrones” star wore a “Resort 2012” dress from Chanel.¬†The sleeveless, white number featured eye-catching embroidery on its bodice and under-skirt. The dress is absolutely AMAZING but her nude pumps don’t really do much for me, I’d have loved to see her go more daring, but sometimes safe is good too! Simply accessorised, the girl looks great, top marks!


Nicole Kidman

Ah, good old Nicole made me very happy in this elegant Antonio Berardi gown. It is absolutely stunning on her and her¬†Fred Leighton jewellery are the perfect accessories. I do prefer Nicole with her beautiful curly, loose hair, however the straight style does add some edge to the dress. I’m not MAD about the matching shoes, BUT overall I think she looks great!

Lucy Liu

In one of the best sequinned dresses of the night, the ever stunning Lucy Liu showed off in her Atelier Versace gown, Lorraine Schwartz jewellery, and Guiseppe Zanotti shoes and a clutch. Her hair, makeup, everything is amazing, as if she is 43! Hope I look that good at 33, never mind 43!


Julianne Hough

This is how you channel your inner mermaid! Julianne wore a¬†white and aqua-green gown that was embellished with¬†Swarovski¬†crystals from¬†Georges Hobeika‚Äės Fall-Winter 2012-13 Couture collection. The gown also featured velvet accents on the bust and velvet petals on the bottom and train. I love everything about this dress, even if it is a little over the top. Julianne is 23 and can definitely get away with it! Julianne¬†also wore shoes by¬†Brian Atwood, a clutch by¬†Judith Leiber, and a ring and earrings by¬†Norman Silverman. Her Marilyn Monroe inspired hair and simple makeup ensure she looks absolutely stunning on the red carpet!

And now, for The Bad!

Sofia Vergara

This is how NOT to do the mermaid trend. I can’t put my finger on what exactly I don’t like about this dress, I think it’s the shoulder straps and the cut-out and the fact that it’s a LITTLE bit too risque! Even for me. ¬†The dress is by¬†Zuhair Murad¬†and the “Modern Family” star tweeted a picture of where the zip bust just above her derriere 20 minutes before she went onstage to collect an award! Thankfully her wardrobe team fixed it and all was well! Plus 20 points for Sofia having a GREAT sense of humour about the mishap but minus 50 points for the dress splitting on her too!

Amy Poehler

Now Amy actually topped a lot of the “Best Dressed” lists for this Stella McCartney dress, but she doesn’t top mine. Sure, she looks sexy but I think this dress sits funny around her waist and I’ve seen her looking much better! She doesn’t need to show off a lot of flesh to look sexy, she is beautiful as it is and in my (humble) opinion, a well tailored dress would have been even better! ¬†She accessorised with a plastic ring from her son’s playbox – which is a woman after my own heart! Yummy Mummy, but must try a little less hard!

Michelle Dockery

UUUUGGGHHH, I don’t even know WHERE to start on this Louis Vuitton royal blue gown. The ghastly netting at the throat? The bad stitching on the chest? The CREASES? Her face looks shiney, the red lip doesn’t neccesarily go with the ghastly blue dress, it’s all just wrong, wrong wrong. Sorry Michelle!

Elizabeth Moss

So, Elizabeth went for this floral print Mikado gown by Dolce & Gabbana… Hmm. There’s two things I hate about this dress. The print and the style… Oh wait, that’s just about everything! Although, I might not hate the style of the dress in a block colour, but it just does not work with the print. She gets lost in all the folds and shapes. Oh and I also hate the shoes. I like her new hair though!

Julianna Margulies

Another puke print is this¬†green brocade, couture-style¬†Giambattista Valli¬†gown which looks like it is weighing Julianna down. The print isn’t AWFUL and neither is the style of the dress, but together they just don’t work on the red carpet. I’m not mad about her hair, but I do love the makeup with the pink lip!

Kenley Collins

So I LOVE Project Runway US and I LOVE Kenley Collins’ vintage style, and while I do love this print AND the dress, my only qualm is the length and those SHOES. They do NOTHING for the outfit, or for Kenley’s legs, BUT her 1920’s inspired hair and red lip are also beautiful with the dress.


Heidi Klum

Alright, fine – it may not be downright fugly, HOWEVER I am holding Heidi Klum in a higher regard than most of the others on this list. As you know, I LOVE Project Runway and over all the seasons I’ve gotten a grasp of Heidi’s style and almost ALWAYS find myself gasping with LOVE for the dresses she sports when she walks out from behind that screen. This left me feeling a little empty – and on the red carpet… For shame Heidi! The thing I really hate about this¬†Alexandre Vauthier¬†dress is the double split, it reminds me of Angelina Jolie at the Oscars this year, except with BOTH legs. I also can’t help but feel that if Christopher or Dmitry brought out a gown with a double split, Heidi would tell them she doesn’t get it. I don’t get it… but apparently some people get it, as Heidi has topped the best dressed lists for this gown – to my surprise. Other things I hate include her shoes and her jewellery – it’s all FAR too matchy-matchy. However, her makeup is beautiful aaaand, I still love her!

Ashley Judd

Things I hate about this look: EVERYTHING. The dress is basically the EXACT same as my Debs Dress, circa 2004, the colour, the style, everything! The shoes are basically the same as my Debs shoes too. Except even I had the sense not to wear a hairstyle that made me look like the lead role in the Eggheads… Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good beehive, but this is a very, very bad beehive. Ashley Judd misses the mark all round in this¬†Caroline Herrera gown with bad styling.

Lena Dunham

Jesus. Christ. Lena, what were you thinking? What were your stylists thinking? What were they thinking at Prada? *SIGH* I don’t even know what else to say about this. Lena’s character in “Girls” would probably wear something like this to a red carpet event and you should NEVER get confused with your character. While the fabric is lovely, the dress is frumpy and sits on Lena in ALL the wrong places. Also, she looks like she’s angry because she knows her dress is poxy. That said, her makeup is lovely… But really, that dress… NEXT.

And finally, a selection of my favourites!

Allison Williams

Well Allison definitely beats her “Girls” co-star to the top of MY Best-Dressed list. I am literally in LOVE with this gown (Perhaps I’m being patriotic?) by¬†Oscar De La Renta.¬†Allison is channelling some MAJOR trends by wearing it, combining peplum, an emerald hue, and a directional silhouette all in one major ensemble. She looks absolutely stunning and I love that she kept her hair and makeup so minimal!

Jessica Pare

Mad Men star Jessica Pare certainly stood out in a very simple custom-made white Jason Wu assymetrical gown with a stark black belt. Jessica looks every inch the Grecian Goddess, from the beautiful dress down to the lovely waves in her hair. She kept the accessories simple, choosing a deep red lip instead of over-the-top jewellery. A girl after my own heart!

Edie Falco

WOW! I totally did not recognise Nurse Jackie! Edie¬†looked fabulous in the very popular¬†Stella McCartney¬†‚ÄúOptical Illusion‚ÄĚ dress, which was navy blue on the front and white at the back. The dress enhanced Edie‚Äôs great body and the gold thick belt detail cinched her in at the waist to accentuate her curves. She chose to go long and loose with her hair while keeping her skin tanned and flawless.¬†Overall, Edie‚Äôs dress and styling was very sexy and made her look younger than ever!

Jane Krakowski

Jane Krakowski shimmers in this STUNNING gunmetal strapless gown by Kaufmanfranco and she also wore metallic Hamper pumps, which looked amazing. I love everything about this, the glamour of the sequins in a gunmetal colour and the change from small sequins at the top of the dress working down to a larger size, with a slight fishtail. I wish I owned this dress. Her hair is gorgeous, not too curly and not straight and Jane’s makeup, as always in flawless. She knows what works for her and she works it in turn!

Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi, host of reality tv show “Top Chef”, has since been quoted in an interview as saying she “wasn’t sure she would have the guts to wear it” – Well Thank GOD she did! A change up from the canary yellows, the bold orange chiffon gown by Monique Lhuillier¬† stands out a mile and looks absolutely amazing with Padma’s skintone. Her loose waves and natural honery bronzed makeup were her perfect accessories, along with her¬†Yvesse pumps, of course. I am so envious of her tan and of course, how well she pulls off an orange dress!

So there you have it, my least favourite and most adored looks from the 2012 Emmy’s… All opinions are my own, but I would love to hear feedback from all of you guys!

Who claimed your favourite OR least favourite look at this years Emmys?


First pic of Robbie Williams and new baby “Teddy”


HUGE congratulations go out to Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Fields on the birth of their baby girl Theodora Rose Williams, who was born on Tuesday! Robbie broke the news on his blog to thank his fans for their well wishes. Here’s what he had to say:

Praise be, it’s Theodora Rose Williams, affectionately known as Teddy….. Born 3.33pm on 18.9.12, 7Ibs 4OZ.

”Baby, Mummy and Daddy are all rockin…. Thank you for your best wishes XXXX.”

And here I have an exclusive first pic of a topless Robbie holding the beautiful baby Teddy! Be warned though ladies, Robbie topless looking so content holding such a cute baby will have your emotions all mixed up if you’re anything like me!!!


Congratulations flooded in for Robbie and Ayda on twitter and Gary Barlow, the true gent that he is led the trend by posting his heartfelt congratulations.


Gary was heartbroken when his wife Dawn gave birth to stillborn baby, who the couple named Poppy on August 4th this year. He has shown tremendous courage and it must hard for him to hear but no doubt he is delighted for Robbie!

Robbie played a free gig in the o2 in Dublin on the 14th of this month -the gig was supposed to have been FANTASTIC- and all proceeds went towards UNICEF and Childline. The man can just do no wrong! But how did Ayda feel about her man touring so close to her due date!? Well that wasn’t an issue as Robbie said recently in an interview

There’s a plane on standby and if I get that phone call I’ve got to go.

Well for some to have a private jet, eh ladies!?

Myself and Andrea wish the happy family all the joy in the world and await more pictures of the beautiful baby Teddy! Congrats guys!



Bieber – to play Christian Grey…….


Rumour has it that Bieber has been approached to play the lead role in the much anticipated ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ movie…. not so sure about you, but when I put the words sexy, dominant and masculine into google – Justin Bieber’s name just doesn’t pop up!!

Let’s hope this was just¬†sick joke perpetrated by the ‘cute’ singer himself. ¬†I know I would much prefer to see one of the below guys play the role of Dr. Christian Grey. Yum.

Andrea x