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Kells man makes joke on facebook – story goes viral!


Well, we had an interesting day in the north of Meath today! My facebook was rife with a story of a lion escaping from Duffy’s circus and roaming the back fields of Kells, Co. Meath behind two of the town’s Secondary Schools. 

I was in Blanchardstown at the time, and posted on the facebook page the story that I had gathered from people’s statuses which was basically that the lion had escaped from the circus and that the Irish Army were out with their guns at the ready to shoot the Lion. Some people were disgusted at the inhumane way to solve the problem, others pointed out that tranquilizer guns were only accurate at a very short range, while others insisted that the welfare of the town’s people was the most important thing. One man even light-heartedly pointed out that “The lion will get sick of Kells fairly quickly and leave”.

One of the funniest facebook posts I saw was a sneaky screenshot one of my pals took from a snapchat that her friend sent her, complete with Lion’s mane coloured in around her face! While another, who loves cats wished the Lion would wander her way so she could “give it a good home”! I love my friends and their sense of humour!

Well, the story even managed to make LMFM news, but Tara Clarke quickly quashed the rumours on my facebook page by outing a Mr. Adrian Brady as the culprit of the viral Lion story!

Adrian defended the claim that it was a lie by saying “it was a conversation that got blown out into something massive” and when I suggested that he should have kept the lie on fire he claimed that he “tried but some people came up to the estate to see the tiger\lion and I couldn’t stop laughing”…
The fact that people went on a hunt for the lion, instead of hiding in their houses boggles the mind! 

So, here’s what actually happened:

Adrian’s friend Timmy posted this status on facebook and Adrian replied accordingly: 


And the story appears to have taken off from there! The chinese whispers then began, that it was in fact a tiger and not a lion, when Adrian posted this photo:


And this is the tiger that everyone came to Adrian’s estate to see! 

And that is how this story got out of hand and went viral! When I asked Adrian if he had anything to add to the story, he simply replied “Ah, nothing more I can really say about it, apart from how quick something can spread around this town”!

So there ya have it, there’s no lions, or tigers in Kells, and the circus is still up and running! So you can now to go bed safe, and stop hunting for the lion/tiger!

As Carlos Ruiz Zafon once said: “In small towns, news travels at the speed of boredom”, in this case there was never a truer word said!

Good man Adrian!

Jazz x


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