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Kells man makes joke on facebook – story goes viral!


Well, we had an interesting day in the north of Meath today! My facebook was rife with a story of a lion escaping from Duffy’s circus and roaming the back fields of Kells, Co. Meath behind two of the town’s Secondary Schools. 

I was in Blanchardstown at the time, and posted on the facebook page the story that I had gathered from people’s statuses which was basically that the lion had escaped from the circus and that the Irish Army were out with their guns at the ready to shoot the Lion. Some people were disgusted at the inhumane way to solve the problem, others pointed out that tranquilizer guns were only accurate at a very short range, while others insisted that the welfare of the town’s people was the most important thing. One man even light-heartedly pointed out that “The lion will get sick of Kells fairly quickly and leave”.

One of the funniest facebook posts I saw was a sneaky screenshot one of my pals took from a snapchat that her friend sent her, complete with Lion’s mane coloured in around her face! While another, who loves cats wished the Lion would wander her way so she could “give it a good home”! I love my friends and their sense of humour!

Well, the story even managed to make LMFM news, but Tara Clarke quickly quashed the rumours on my facebook page by outing a Mr. Adrian Brady as the culprit of the viral Lion story!

Adrian defended the claim that it was a lie by saying “it was a conversation that got blown out into something massive” and when I suggested that he should have kept the lie on fire he claimed that he “tried but some people came up to the estate to see the tiger\lion and I couldn’t stop laughing”…
The fact that people went on a hunt for the lion, instead of hiding in their houses boggles the mind! 

So, here’s what actually happened:

Adrian’s friend Timmy posted this status on facebook and Adrian replied accordingly: 


And the story appears to have taken off from there! The chinese whispers then began, that it was in fact a tiger and not a lion, when Adrian posted this photo:


And this is the tiger that everyone came to Adrian’s estate to see! 

And that is how this story got out of hand and went viral! When I asked Adrian if he had anything to add to the story, he simply replied “Ah, nothing more I can really say about it, apart from how quick something can spread around this town”!

So there ya have it, there’s no lions, or tigers in Kells, and the circus is still up and running! So you can now to go bed safe, and stop hunting for the lion/tiger!

As Carlos Ruiz Zafon once said: “In small towns, news travels at the speed of boredom”, in this case there was never a truer word said!

Good man Adrian!

Jazz x

One Direction – Is this the Best Video Ever??

One Direction – Is this the Best Video Ever??

Ok, so the One Directioners have FINALLY released the first video from the third album after LOADS of cheeky snippets to tease us! And it does not fail to disappoint.

The video sees a big film exec talking himself up with references to Angelina and Brad, when a sexy secretary announces “One Direction are here”, the producer shouts “I LOVE The Direction” and here enters the boys to talk about their up and coming “film”. He introduces himself to the boys (and calls Zayn “Zack”, when Zayn corrects him he roars “Whatever”) And in walks the sexy secretary, who Louis and Liam don’t hesitate to eye up… And it is none other than Zayn dressed as a woman, and a fine woman he makes! Marcel the marketing guy is introduced and it is a very geeky Harry, who is very excited about the dance aspect to the film and then introduces Leeroy (Liam) the choreographer, who does a lovely little shimmy routine for all the boys! (So far, so good, I say!)

Marcel then HILARIOUSLY moves on to styling for the boys and shows them an iconic Backstreet Boys image in all-white matching attire with the 1D boys faces super imposed, they are all openly disgusted. They are then shown an iconic Take That image, all in leather with the boys faces super-imposed, to which the recoil in horror, each suggestion thereafter is worse and worse (except the YMCA one, which I think is GENIUS) and finally, 2 minutes and 40 seconds in, Harry starts singing, in a dulcet, but slightly aggressive tone! Mmm, Harry!

As usual, for the rest of the video, madness ensues, from Harry coming on to Zayn (dressed as a sexy secretary), the boys wrecking an office and clips of mayhem from their tour and a funky little piss-take dance routine, before the poignant moment at the end, where there is a massive poster of the boys on a wall and Zayn spray paints “THIS IS US” on it… Ahh, bless.

And the video ends and I am so impressed with the three boys cameos that I am slightly disappointed that Louis and Niall (My two favourites) didn’t take the piss out of themselves with a cameo…

AND THEN the end credits reveal that the two boys were in fact the two hairy, fat, old studio execs and I am SHOCKED and delighted, there are a few cute little outtakes in the end credits too.

Is this the best song ever?

Probably not, but it’s a bloody good song and a really good video! My love for One Direction has gone up, yet again! Fair play to the boys, and to James Corden who wrote the script for the video, alongside Ben Winston, who also directed the video.


What do you guys thing? Especially non 1D fans? Should they get a pat on the back for good acting?

Jazz x

Eva and Ryan sitting in a tree… Ryan goes and gets on one knee!


So… The world’s most beautiful woman and the world’s most over-rated man (it’s just my opinion, none of you have to agree) are to get engaged!

the couple at Land of the Pines Premier

According to Star magazine, Eva hinted at Ryan that she wanted to be married before she’s 40 but GET THIS… Eva Mendes doesn’t need to drop hints, she’s a RIDE and Ryan was planning on asking for her hand in marriage anyways! Yayyyyyy!

According to Star mag, Gosling has even been helping ring designer Neil Lane design a Lil sumthin’, sumthin’ for the lady herself!

Gosling is filming his directorial debut, which Eva is also starring in at the moment, but he reportedly has something special planned for Eva soon!

The alleged insider told Star mag: “He’s planning a romantic getaway once their movie How To Catch A Monster wraps.

“He tricked her into believing the trip is to celebrate the movie. Eva is completely clueless.”

Well she’s not now! Sorry Eva!

There are also reports that as professional as Gosling is at his job, all Eva has to do is throw a lil sneaky dirty look his way and they’re all over each other! Good woman Eva!

Ah they look well together in fairness

I may disagree with the female population of the world on how attractive the bold Gosling is, but all the same I just LOVE a good celeb couple and would I love to see them last! AND obviously I can’t WAIT to see Eva’s dress! What do you guys think!? Heartbroken or anyone agree with me that he’s over rated in the looks department!? Look at the face ladies, not the body!!!

Jazz x

Bressie releases brand new video “Show Me Love”


So this morning, Irish sensation Bressie posted his new video on twitter, which is already causing a huge stir and I can CERTAINLY see why!

The song is catchy, the riff is rockin’, and the video is HILARIOUS! Starring none other than two of the most loved young actors in Ireland and the UK at the minute, David Rawle and Ian O’Reilly, who play Martin and Padraic in the Irish hit show Moone Boy, Bressie definitely has a huge success on his hands with this one!

No doubt Bressie struck up a brilliant relationship with the two lads on the set of “Moone Boy”, in which Bressie has a starring role in the upcoming season! Can’t wait to see his acting debut alongside Chris O’Dowd, very exciting!

The two young lads play a blinder in their roles as record execs in Bressie’s new video and the outcome is absolutely BRILLIANT! I can’t count the times I laughed out loud at their antics in the video!

Good man Bressie, you can do no wrong in our eyes!

Jazz x

Beyonce Super Bowl Performance 2013 Half Time Show!


Ok folks, so these videos are being deleted from the internet every few minutes, I HOPE this one stays up! Being from Ireland, twitter and my facebook newsfeed has KILLED me! I couldn’t watch Beyonce, and as I’m sure you all know, I just LOVE her, HOWEVER the NFL has blocked EVERY link I could find for her performance! LUCKILY (for me) I took a video of the low quality video on my phone but I am afraid to upload it anywhere in case I get in trouble from the people that own the internet (like!) :p But as I said, hopefully this link will stay put for you all to enjoy!

I can promise it was THE most AMAZING Super Bowl show EVER though I’m sure that doesn’t help!

Beyonce had the crowd going CRAZY (in Love) with the huge 2003 hit of the same name, but with a little reggae beat thrown in and cue some crazy electric guitars by a FIERCE female guitarist. A few more hip hop beats and a seductive roll of the hips, flick of the hair and pucker of the lips, Beyonce blew a kiss to the audience and began the intro to MY fave Beyonce song “End of Time”, but with a little sax! This woman is literally the QUEEN of entertainment, everyone else may thrown down their crowns! Following this Beyonce stood in front of an interactive screen and then there was at least FIVE Beyonce’s onstage for her hit “Baby Boy”, it really strikes me at this instance that however contrived the word “fierce” may be to describe Beyonce, it REALLY is the only word that works.

Moving on to the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the intro music to “Bootylicious” strikes up “Kelly, can you handle this?” Kelly Rowland FLIES up out of the floor and strikes a FIERCE pose. “Michelle, can you handle this?” Michelle pops up, arms flailing and with an expression of a deer caught in the headlights, before remembering “Shit, I’m supposed to look fierce” and attempting to pull it off… She does, a bit. Beyonce does the whole “I don’t think she can handle this” and I laugh at the fact that none of them can see the fact it sounds completely sarcastic… I’m sorry lads, but I actually don’t think Michelle can handle this! Granted, I have a feeling Kelly has been taking lessons on how to be “fierce like Beyonce” because for the first time in my life she is very much on par with Beyonce, Michelle just lacks that fire somewhat, but then she always did. Perhaps Kelly’s success with D. Guetta has made her feel she deserves the stage as much as Beyonce, whatever it is though, it suits her!

“Independent Woman” is, of course amazing! Beyonce’s vocals outshine the other two, the stage is on fire, it’s all pretty amazing! And THEN, OMG DESTINY’S CHILD ARE DOING “SINGLE LADIES” TOGETHER! Beyonce asks “NOW WAIT… Kelly and Michelle, will y’all help me sing this one?” to which Kelly replies “SHO NO BABY”… WTF Kelly? Is that a yes or a no!? They help her sing it anyway, they dance along and it’s all FAIRLY epic! I can not get OVER how fierce Kelly is! The girl is OWNING the stage up there beside Beyonce, Michelle is a little bit stiff, but I want to take it easy on her! There are HUNDREDS of dancers on stage, Beyonce at centre stage, the only one anybody’s eyes are drawn to, it says it all about her. And I hate to say it because I LOVED DC but now I remember why Beyonce went solo, she is quite simply put, better off on her own. The other two add feck all to the mix. Beyonce has star power and a charisma on-stage that even the likes of Gaga, Madonna, Christina and even Britney can only dream of. She’s untouchable.
She ends the show with a tear-jerking rendition of “Halo” and she is revelling in her moment. You can see the joy on her face. She loves this shit. And we love her for it. Go on Beyonce!

The woman is truly amazing! At the Super Bowl Press Conference Beyonce said “This is what I was born to do”… She was right. The performance was fierce, bold, memorable and electric—the best I have ever seen. And ANYBODY that gave out about her singing along to a pre-recorded track at the Inauguration can actually piss right off after this performance. Beyonce can do what she wants, ya hear!?

Apologies for the amount of time I said “fierce” in this post! THERE JUST ARE NO OTHER WORDS!


Wanna catch the first glimpse of Kim Kardashians *bump*!?


Just hours after showbizspy revealed a source who claimed that Kanye is too “squeamish” to be at the birthday of the Kimye baby, Kim Kardashian has taken to instagram to post a picture of sister Khloe holding up the peplum in her peplum dress to uncover… The Kimye bump!


Kim looks amazing as usual, even after Kanye made an absolute tit of himself (yet again) by being reported to have said he would “stick to pacing outside in the delivery room”.

A source also quoted “He is embarrassed about it, but Kanye has always fainted at the sight of blood. And he feels very squeamish at the thought of watching the birth. The truth is, Kanye is scared he will just add to Kim’s anxiety during labour.”

Manly!!!!! Good lad Kanye!

Either way, no doubt the baby will be one of the most beautiful and spoilt baby’s celebland has ever seen!

Kimye for life… Right!? Hmmm…


We’ve got the inside scoop on the most popular 1D member right here!


I’ll let you think about it for a second… Reeeeealllllly think about it! Who is your favourite member of One Direction?

I’ve always had a clear favourite, but then I am biased because I’m Irish… Ange is even more biased, because not only is she Irish but she’s from Mullingar…

The most popular One Direction member is OFFICIALLY……….


Niall Horan, of course!

So we were right all along, the cheeky chap from Mullingar is indeed the most popular member of the most popular band in the world… So does that make him the most popular person in the world right now?! Probably!

How do I figure Niall is the most popular member of the band, I’m sure you are wondering! Well, it’s all about the sales of their dolls! Amazon have released official sales figures for 2012 and Niall Horan’s dolls make up 25.2% of the sales! He’s seen an increase of 7% since last year, whereas Harry Style’s dolls sales have decreased by 15% Personally, it’s no wonder because Harry’s doll creeps the bejeesus outta me!


Niall Horan doll


Harry Styles doll

The Sun newspaper quoted Ulrike Wingenter-Davey, from Amazon, as saying: “It’s no longer the foppish curls of Harry but the Irish charm of Niall that seems to be a hit with One Direction fans.” Hurrahhhhh!

Although I’m sure Harry Style’s isn’t exactly crying into the pillow in his million dollar mansion! In this month’s British Vogue, the band have a full spread in which they look very mature and sophisticated. Harry is clearly Vogue’s favourite member as his head-shot gets a whole page to himself while the other boys head-shots share a page! It’s a travesty! Check out their group pic here!


Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier for British Vogue

For those of you interested in the sales figures for the One Direction dolls last year and this year, here they are:

One Direction dolls in order of popularity:


1. Niall Horan 25.2 per cent

2. Louis Tomlinson 21.3 per cent

3. Harry Styles 20.4 per cent

4. Zayn Malik 19.3 per cent

5. Liam Payne 13.7 per cent


1. Harry Styles 35.5 per cent

2. Niall Horan 17.9 per cent

3. Zayn Malik 16.2 per cent

4. Louis Tomlinson 15.7 per cent

5. Liam Payne 14.7 per cent

Oh, poor Liam! Please comment underneath with your favourite member of One Direction and let the public really speak! Of course, if it is your choice to comment and give out to me for posting about One Direction, also please do so! 😛 However, be aware that I am 100% unashamed in my love for One Direction!


A little bit of Halloween fun!


So this Halloween, we here at Angeallthatjazz went to the absolutely BRILLIANT Pumpkin Festival in Virginia, Co. Cavan! We had such an amazing night with SO many of our hilarious friends!

Here is a photo of us on the way to the festival, in all of our scariest glory!


L – R

Ange – Jazz

Ange did an amazing job dressing up as the Lady Gaga “Born This Way” skeleton! Jazz dressed up as a scary doll and was truly terrifying! Especially when one of her eyelashes began to fall off towards the end of the night! (I blame it entirely on dancing vigorously to Thriller and Monster Mash – Jazz)Image


Jazz, Niamh, Susan

Here’s a picture of the two other terrrrifying dolls that she did the makeup for on the night! Love you guys!

We here at Angeallthatjazz can not WAIT for Halloween next year and plan on having a fancy dress night again really soon! But first we will be dressing up as sexy santas for Christmas!

Bring on the Christmas season!

Ange and Jazz

Matt Bomer > Channing Tatum… Not according to People Magazine!


So People Magazine have issued their Sexiest Men Alive… 2012 list and it was not without a few surprises! As you may or may not know they tend to name their Number 1 but then have a brief list of runners up! And this year the winner is…. (Of COURSE) The swoonsome Channing Tatum!

Since the lovely people AT People don’t number the men in order of preference I will take it upon myself to do so here, so read on if you want to see my picks of the bunch and those who didn’t make the cut who really should have!

1.Channing Tatum


Personally I’m wondering why People Magazine took so long to crown him the Sexiest Man in the world, Ange and I used to hang half naked pictures of Channing in our kitchen when we first discovered him in “She’s the Man” allll the way back in 2005! Although we always were ahead of the trends! 😀

2. Matt Bomer


Well, DUUUUUUHHH this is a no brainer. The man is a God. AND he’s the only gay on the list, the man is always breaking boundaries and looking unbelievable while doing so! We love you Matt!

3. Chris Hemsworth


Again, I hate to brag but Chris Hemsworth has been a “Sexiest Man Alive” in my eyes since I first laid eyes on him in my FAVOURITE soap “Home and Away”, in which he played Kim. The ultimate softie / dreamboat in the Bay!

…I’ll stop with the obligatory topless pictures now… Maybe!

4. Bradley Cooper


Ok, so I lied but how could I NOT put in a picture of Bradley topless. This picture says it all really. He’s a handsome man with an amazing body AND he knows how to enjoy life and is probably GREAT craic to hang around with… And I know you can’t see into his eyes in this picture, but don’t forget they are as blue as the water he is standing in…

5. Max Greenfield


I am SO glad Max made it onto this list! Too often funny men are looked over in the sexy stakes, but personally I find funny men the sexiest! He even looks well in a fat suit! Check out this HILARIOUS video of him as a young Schmidt! He made this video himself in an out-take! Love him!

6. Oscar Pistorius


Oscar is not only sexy but he is one determined man! Both of his legs were amputated at the knee at the mere age of 11 months old but he has never let this hold him back in displaying his sporting prowess. He played every sport he could in school and is known as “The Fastest Man on no Legs” but in People Magazine, he is merely known as “sexy”. Hear, hear!

7. Paul Rudd


This photo epitomises why I love Paul Rudd. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and I don’t think he realises how gorrrrgeous he is! I first fell in love with him in “Clueless”, I ached to see him and Phoebe make things work in “Friends” and I snorted Fanta out of my nose laughing at him in “Role Models”. He is talented across the board and never ages. Paul Rudd we salute you!

8. Richard Gere


Obviously there are SO many things I could say about Richard Gere but I will choose just one.

“Pretty Woman”, nuff said! That and I HOPE my husband looks THIS GOOD at 63! Holy Mary!

9. Denzel Washington


The man needs no introduction. He’s always on the list, he will always be handsome and he will always be the only “Denzel”.

10. Ben Affleck


I’m sure there is something sexy about Ben Affleck… I just don’t see it… I can’t see it after the whole “Bennifer” thing… Or maybe I don’t want to see it!? Either way, he’s low in my countdown at number 10! Sorry Ben!

11. Blake Shelton


Ok… Bear with me, I’m Irish and I have NO idea who this man is… But I can see that he is kinda / sorta sexy… He wouldn’t be in my top 12 EVER though!

12. Damien Lewis


WHAT?! Like… Just… WHAT!? Crazy Americans.


1. Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

This man needs to be more famous. He is absolutely the most handsome man in dreads I have ever laid eyes on!

2. Dan Ewing

Dan Ewing

My dream man. Actually the most beautiful man in the world… If Chris Hemsworth can make it to Hollywood from Home and Away I am praying to GOD that Dan does too!

3. Liam Neeson

Funny, charming, amazingly talented, adoring to his late wife, Irish… Oh Liam, let us count the ways in which we love you!


1. Ryan Gosling

What can I say about Ryan!? I just don’t see it. Sorry ladies!

2. Robert Pattinson

While I wouldn’t mind if my boyfriend looked like R-Patz (And I definitely would never cheat on a boyfriend who looks THAT good) the mass appeal of Robert leads to a lack of appeal to me! I must just be fickle like that!

Hope you enjoyed this post! Were any of you surprised by any omissions to the list!? Let me know who YOU think is the sexiest man alive!



It’s as if “The Bachelor UK” never even happened! Made In Chelsea, Season 4


SO Season 4 of Made in Chelsea started up again last night and it would appear it’s going to be much of the same from the Chelsea brigade in the new season, except without Caggie – who is notably absent from the opening credits – and Hugo is also missing (perhaps because he went on The Bachelor UK and was part of the episode where Spencer’s friends basically told all the girls that Spencer did it for money and was still with Louise) and they appear to be up a few new cast members in the form of a new tall blonde for Richard to annoy Cheska with and a new threat to Spencer’s relationship with Louise, in the form of the very dashing Andy – who owns a yacht, loike – wouldn’t you know!

IF you have never watched “Made in Chelsea” before now and you are worried you can’t watch the new season – fear not my friends who actually appear to have a life – the new season opens with a montage of ALL the most dramatic and exciting moments of last year which lasts a WHOLE ONE minute and THIRTY seconds, which in itself hints at how utterly compelling this shit is. There is also a voiceover from the unbelievably dull Rosie to tell you what the show is basically about:
“It’s cliquey and like… almost incestuous… But we all… Manage to hang out”, this said in the manner of a girl who has been given a script and had a gun held to her head to make her utter the words – and to be completely honest, there is nothing I would put past the MIC producers, however, I digress!

The show opens and there is some form of a car -which is probably more expensive than my house- speeding round a bend in some country which doesn’t remotely look like England, but the producers don’t give us time to put two and two together, we immediately learn in a subtitled form that it is being filmed in Saint Tropez. Obviously the cast are “Made in Chelsea” but the programme is “Made wherever the fuck we want”, cue obligatory shots of yachts, boats and the general “good life” as it were, and there is Jamie and Francis out ski-ing and declaring their undying love for each other, before getting cocktails on a fancy beach and perving on girls with the most unbelievable bodies I have ever seen – all in a days work, eh lads? Despite my giving out though, they are in fact my two favourite characters on the show. Jamie, the unlucky in love playboy and Francis, the unbelievably successful entrepreneur who is an absolute social retard. Unsurprisingly their first conversation is over Jamie’s recent drought with women and they plan to have a party on someones boat. Yayyyy!

Next up is Louise and Rosie (yawn) with a nice little product placement for Victoria and her “new swimwear collection” to open up the conversation and THEN we get our first glimpse of the Spencer and Louise situation.

Rosie “So when’s Spencer coming?”

Louise “Today… It’s been so long now, I haven’t seen him all Summer… I think we’ve both taken the meaning of ‘break’ quite differently, you know he’s kissed people and stuff, so… blah blah blah”

Yeah, no shit Louise, you haven’t seen him all Summer because he’s been looking for “love” on a National television programme. Presumably Rosie does in fact know that he’s kissed people, because it has been broadcast AND it appears that Miss Khloe-with a k-Evans, the eventual winner of “The Bachelor UK” was indeed duped in her quest for love and well deserved to post on twitter that it was all a sham. See story here:

Of course, I had a nosey and all three finalists from The Bachelor UK had something to say about the situation on twitter as it unfolded in front of them, Chloe Levitt-Collins was firmly in her “new best pals” corner!


Whereas Khloe – with a K – or is it with a C?! MAKE YOUR MIND UP WOMAN! Well, Khloe did not appear to be bitter at all, at all, at all… Oh dear!


Even Spencers MIC co-star Ollie Locke weighed in on things!


And that is probably as much as is going to be said on the whole sordid situation! Not even Gavin Henson managed to balls the first series up this much!

So of course Rosie gets on her typical high horse and has a bit of advice for Louise “Yeah, you know you don’t want to seem… so available” so basically, don’t drop your knickers for him as soon as he gets here, cos we all know that’s what you’re good at! Louise insists “No, no, NO I am not putty in his hands. He can’t pick me up and drop me when he wants”. But it appears that he can, because despite a steely reception from Louise initially, Spencer takes her to a bedroom asks her to stay the night, tells her he loves her that charming bastard also appears to have convinced her that the only reason he was kissing other girls was because he missed kissing her, and of course Louise is under the covers before he’s finished his little speech and order is restored in the MIC world! Huzaaah!

The outsider clique of Ollie, Binky and Cheska are left behind (again) in Chelsea and there’s a whole lot of Ollie being lonely and Cheska and Binky supporting him and Richard trying to set him up – oh and he gets a haircut, nothing particularly interesting to see here folks, lets move along, back to Saint Tropez with us!

Rosie and Louise go for brunch, but while Rosie’s runs to the bar of course Louise can’t be left alone and Jamie’s friend Andy makes his move “Hi, you’re Louise, I’ve admired you from afar”, etc, etc. of course Louise is putty in any sleazy man’s hands and laps it up before telling him her life story and as he dashes off he shouts something about hoping Spencer dies – or perhaps something less dramatic, I have a tendency to make things up in my mind if I find the reality (or non-reality in this case) is dull!

The rest of the show is boring enough, so I’ll condense it into highlights and lowlights:


1. Spencer tears Andy away from a group of French birds in bikinis for a man-to-man. Here we see Spencer as the eternal protagonist and hear his first soliliquay of the series.

““Mate, if you want to crack on and go head to head on it, you’re going to fucking lose” before storming off in a fog, despite it being shot by a pool. Oh yeah folks, in case you’re wondering, the “it” in question here, is of course Louise!

2. Jamie comparing Spencer to a polar bear, Spencer recoils in horror at the comparison to which Jamie defends it “Polar bears are the most dangerous animal…” Spencer insists that hippos are more dangerous and the two argue over which is more dangerous for a lengthy minute of riveting television, before deciding that the matter at hand is in fact Jamie’s friend “cracking on to my (Spencer’s) bird”. Charmed, I’m sure!

3. When Jamie and Francis arrive home Proudlock unveils a painting for their apartment. It is a genius meche of the three boys faces and the funniest thing I’ve seen on MIC in a LONG time! The painting includes Proudlock’s cross earring, which I want to pull right out of his stupid looking ear… I suppose he couldn’t not get that in, could he! Here we learn there is to be a HOUSE PARTY!


4.Andy arrives at Jamie’s party with ONE bottle of unlabelled rose wine – which compliments his rose pink shirt perfectly – his two friends arrive empty handed… SOMEBODY hold these party animals down… Christ!

5. Spencer’s soliliquay about how much he loves Louise and demanding Andy to “LEAVE THE FOCKING TERRACE BEFORE I GET ANGRY”… swoon! At this point, I start to wonder how Louise has kept her knickers on throughout this heated debate!

Lowlights :

1. Spencer pulling up in his ferrari, handing the valet boy his keys, ferrari logo side up

Valet boy “Under what name should I put the car?”

*moment of suspense*

Out he hops and utters THIS: “Matthews… Spencer Matthews”

OMG, I hope the makers of James Bond were watching this interaction, Spencer is a fucking shoe in for the next film – I think not.

2. Any scene with Cheska in it.

3. Ollie announcing he is now straight (again) and wants to cut TEN INCHES off his flowing mane.

4. The COMPLETE lack of Millie and her rude and sarcastic comments. BRING BACK MILLIE!

And as usual we are treated to a preview of what to expect next time on MIC! Here’s a quick round up:

Andy cracks on to Louise (again)

Jamie and his friend form a love triangle over a main female character in the show… (again)

Olly meets a pretty girl and proceeds to act like a thundering fucking eejit (again)

Round-up of common themes in MIC

Use of the word “wah” to give girls a compliment: 5

Use of the word “chicks” : 2

Use of the word “fock or focking” from Spencer having a knicker fit: 56

Amount of times we are reminded that the love triangle spat is taking place on a FOCKING TERRACE: 6 (I wish I was joking)

Amount of times Louise claimed she would play hard to get with Spencer this time: 1

Amount of times Louise played hard to get with Spencer: 0

And there you have it folks, Season Four of MIC looks set to be a good one! Please note, all opinions are my own (Jazz) and although I hate the show, I love it really and while I’m aware of my own contradiction I will not back down on it! Enjoy guys!

Jazz x