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So, umm… We’re new to this kind of thing!!


Hi everybody! So this is just a quick introductory post to let you know what our blog is going to be all about, and of course what we are all about! Andrea is a fashion guru, and I (Jess) am a make-up artist and beautician!

Andrea works for one of the most popular high street brands as a buyer, so there is a verrrrry high chance that she is the reason you are wearing that outfit right now! She knows all the latest fashion trends and hopes to share them with you, as well as show you how to achieve them for an affordable price, trust me she is a GREAT friend to have when you want a new outfit but are fresh out of inspiration! She is an AMAZING stylist!

I (Jess) work for a beauty and make-up brand currently, I do a lot of freelance work so you may have seen a music video or two that I have done the make-up for! I will be sharing some of my favourite make-up and beauty products with you all, and I will also be showing you make-up looks and the products you need to achieve them!

We are also fond of a bit of celeb gossip, so we will be uploading the latest gossip stories that take our fancy so check us out on the regular if you’re feeling out of the celebrity loop! We are both twitter ADDICTS, ya heard it here first!

It is also worth noting that while we both love the companies we work for, we promise we will be completely un-biased towards other fashion and beauty houses and all opinions viewed here are our own.

Finally, in case you were wondering about our blog name, it is a mish-mash of our nicknames, Ange and Jazz, which came upon Andrea in a brainwave while we tucked into a delicious Nando’s!!!! And now it all makes sense! To put faces to the names, here we both are looking surprisingly fresh at the end of a night out! Feel the love guys!

Thanks for reading,

Ange and Jazz


Jess(L) Andrea (R)