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Bressie releases brand new video “Show Me Love”


So this morning, Irish sensation Bressie posted his new video on twitter, which is already causing a huge stir and I can CERTAINLY see why!

The song is catchy, the riff is rockin’, and the video is HILARIOUS! Starring none other than two of the most loved young actors in Ireland and the UK at the minute, David Rawle and Ian O’Reilly, who play Martin and Padraic in the Irish hit show Moone Boy, Bressie definitely has a huge success on his hands with this one!

No doubt Bressie struck up a brilliant relationship with the two lads on the set of “Moone Boy”, in which Bressie has a starring role in the upcoming season! Can’t wait to see his acting debut alongside Chris O’Dowd, very exciting!

The two young lads play a blinder in their roles as record execs in Bressie’s new video and the outcome is absolutely BRILLIANT! I can’t count the times I laughed out loud at their antics in the video!

Good man Bressie, you can do no wrong in our eyes!

Jazz x

New Found Vintage


I am not your typical Vintage shopper, in fact the idea of wearing someone else’s unwanted clothes was completely alien to me!

That was before I made my first purchase in a 2nd hand store in Germany over a year ago. Less than 10 Euro for an amazing sequin cobalt blouse – I knew I was onto a winner!! The make up of this garment is amazing; fully padded shoulders, gem detail buttons and hand stitched sequin bib detail – I fell in love.


There were a few more finds after that – but it wasn’t until I heard about a Kilo sale that my respect for vintage clothing reached a new level.

The Christmas work party was pending, and as I work in a busy fashion office full of girls, there was a slight level of pressure to look lets say….. impressionable!

Having lost all hope in the high street stores after traipsing up and down Grafton St. – I scoured the web for inspiration.

Then there is was – in all its glory – THE SHUTTERBUG VINTAGE CLOTHING KILO SALE – queue lightbulb moment!!


A Kilo Sale is a COMPLETELY new concept to me – but I welcome it with open arms!!!  Basically, you arrive at the venue, are handed a big plastic bag – and off you go (taking care not to lose your life – to the army of shoppers also fending their own territory!).

Once you are happy with your finds – make your way to the till – the goods are measured – and you are charged 20euro per Kilo of Clothes.  Simple and SO SMART!!!

The beautiful and uber cool Blanaid Hennessy is the person responsible for this Vintage Clothing sale and is also the owner of Shutterbug Vintage in Kilkenny, which features vintage pieces and Jeffrey Campbell Shoes.  She has also launched a website featuring contemporary brands, the Shutterbug Vintage edited collection and ‘Folkster’ line of clothing and accessories.


Below are some of my finds for the Christmas party season!!


For my post Christmas vintage fix, my boyfriend treated me to a voucher and drive down to Kilkenny to see this treasure trove of vintage goodies! (Huge browny points earned – I also think he was more excited than me, if possible!!)  Another few gems to add to my small collection of previously loved garments!!


IMG_6140 Check out the below for more vintage goodies;

Ange xx

Exciting things to come for Penney’s SS13 range!


Pre Christmas I attended the Penney’s Press Day in Tripod, Dublin and below is a glimpse of the exciting and fresh range due this SS13. 

From the moment I stepped through the door (whilst being greeted by 2 hunks!!) it was evident the team at Penney’s went up and beyond any expectations!

The venue itself is a huge open plan warehouse; a perfect blank canvas. Original features such as the builders blocks, ladders and wooden structures added to the raw atmosphere and ensured that our attention was focused on the product!





Some old school pictures of New store openings!




The Western Story

Penney’s have bought confidently into the Western trend.  Taking inspiration from Isabel Marant AW12 collection, the range features several Western shirts, tassel leather jackets, embroidered sweats and side embroidered skinnies. The perfect off – duty look!!


Retro Beat

Retro Beat is your quintessential black and white story, with highlights of corals, mints and lilacs.  This is the perfect Autumn to Spring transitional trend as you may not be quite ready for the brights of summer and are still drawn towards monochrome pieces.  Inspired by the 1960’s Mod culture this sophisticated trend should be a stable part of your SS13 wardrobe!



Crystal Couture

Crystal Couture is all about textures and iridescent colours.  Sequins, embroidery anglaise, metallic fabrics, organza, delicate knits and embellishments make this elegant range very commercially appealing.  The palette is soft and feminine with neon highlights for the more confident customer.


Fresh Instinct

Fresh Instinct is ideal for the casual fashionistas. Think trackie bottoms teamed with heels and an animal print bomber with a slogan tee!!  The palette does exactly what it says on the tin – its FRESH, focusing on the primary colours, again with punches of neons! Listen up girls – Sportwears is no longer confined to the gym – Hurrah!!


Chica Latina

Chica Latina is all about FUN!!  This is a high summer trend, perfect for Festivals and holiday wear.  As you can see from the below, the base colour is black with strong splashes of colour and an eclectic mix of prints!



If I were to sum up the Penney’s SS13 range in 3 words it would be FRESH, FUN and EXCITING!!! Bring on the summer!! 🙂

Ange xx

Beyonce Super Bowl Performance 2013 Half Time Show!


Ok folks, so these videos are being deleted from the internet every few minutes, I HOPE this one stays up! Being from Ireland, twitter and my facebook newsfeed has KILLED me! I couldn’t watch Beyonce, and as I’m sure you all know, I just LOVE her, HOWEVER the NFL has blocked EVERY link I could find for her performance! LUCKILY (for me) I took a video of the low quality video on my phone but I am afraid to upload it anywhere in case I get in trouble from the people that own the internet (like!) :p But as I said, hopefully this link will stay put for you all to enjoy!

I can promise it was THE most AMAZING Super Bowl show EVER though I’m sure that doesn’t help!

Beyonce had the crowd going CRAZY (in Love) with the huge 2003 hit of the same name, but with a little reggae beat thrown in and cue some crazy electric guitars by a FIERCE female guitarist. A few more hip hop beats and a seductive roll of the hips, flick of the hair and pucker of the lips, Beyonce blew a kiss to the audience and began the intro to MY fave Beyonce song “End of Time”, but with a little sax! This woman is literally the QUEEN of entertainment, everyone else may thrown down their crowns! Following this Beyonce stood in front of an interactive screen and then there was at least FIVE Beyonce’s onstage for her hit “Baby Boy”, it really strikes me at this instance that however contrived the word “fierce” may be to describe Beyonce, it REALLY is the only word that works.

Moving on to the moment we’ve all been waiting for: the intro music to “Bootylicious” strikes up “Kelly, can you handle this?” Kelly Rowland FLIES up out of the floor and strikes a FIERCE pose. “Michelle, can you handle this?” Michelle pops up, arms flailing and with an expression of a deer caught in the headlights, before remembering “Shit, I’m supposed to look fierce” and attempting to pull it off… She does, a bit. Beyonce does the whole “I don’t think she can handle this” and I laugh at the fact that none of them can see the fact it sounds completely sarcastic… I’m sorry lads, but I actually don’t think Michelle can handle this! Granted, I have a feeling Kelly has been taking lessons on how to be “fierce like Beyonce” because for the first time in my life she is very much on par with Beyonce, Michelle just lacks that fire somewhat, but then she always did. Perhaps Kelly’s success with D. Guetta has made her feel she deserves the stage as much as Beyonce, whatever it is though, it suits her!

“Independent Woman” is, of course amazing! Beyonce’s vocals outshine the other two, the stage is on fire, it’s all pretty amazing! And THEN, OMG DESTINY’S CHILD ARE DOING “SINGLE LADIES” TOGETHER! Beyonce asks “NOW WAIT… Kelly and Michelle, will y’all help me sing this one?” to which Kelly replies “SHO NO BABY”… WTF Kelly? Is that a yes or a no!? They help her sing it anyway, they dance along and it’s all FAIRLY epic! I can not get OVER how fierce Kelly is! The girl is OWNING the stage up there beside Beyonce, Michelle is a little bit stiff, but I want to take it easy on her! There are HUNDREDS of dancers on stage, Beyonce at centre stage, the only one anybody’s eyes are drawn to, it says it all about her. And I hate to say it because I LOVED DC but now I remember why Beyonce went solo, she is quite simply put, better off on her own. The other two add feck all to the mix. Beyonce has star power and a charisma on-stage that even the likes of Gaga, Madonna, Christina and even Britney can only dream of. She’s untouchable.
She ends the show with a tear-jerking rendition of “Halo” and she is revelling in her moment. You can see the joy on her face. She loves this shit. And we love her for it. Go on Beyonce!

The woman is truly amazing! At the Super Bowl Press Conference Beyonce said “This is what I was born to do”… She was right. The performance was fierce, bold, memorable and electric—the best I have ever seen. And ANYBODY that gave out about her singing along to a pre-recorded track at the Inauguration can actually piss right off after this performance. Beyonce can do what she wants, ya hear!?

Apologies for the amount of time I said “fierce” in this post! THERE JUST ARE NO OTHER WORDS!