Scandal on The Bachelor UK? It was bound to happen!


So last night The Bachelor UK came to an end and Khloe (with a K – despite the fact her original twitter name is Chloe with a C!!!) was crowned Spencer’s new GF! Right!???


I took to the twitter and while I didn’t think to take a snap of Khloe’s update before it ended up getting deleted, she put up two tweets where on one she claimed

All I’m saying is #spencerandlouise

And in another she claimed

I’m so relieved I can get on with my life. Been too long

Hmmmm interesting! Upon visiting her twitter today I see she has posted this


Interesting stuff! What do you guys think happened? Do you think he never broke up with Louise at all? Would you let your boyfriend go on a show like that and kiss around 13 different girls? I sure as hell wouldn’t! Maybe it’s the Chelsea way!

Can’t wait to see the outcome of this one!


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