My FAVOURITE make-up must-have


I’m sure you were all hoping for some make-up revelation, new product on the market, etc, etc. and they are all to come, but I feel I MUST do my first beauty blog on the item in my make-up kit that I can NOT live without (aside from foundation and mascara, obviously!)

Translucent powder, ladies, if you don’t already own it and wonder why your make-up doesn’t last past lunch-time, it is because your foundation doesn’t have the lasting powder… (Geddit, power/powder?) Ooohhh… Let me explain!

In all my years working as a makeup artist one of the questions I get asked most is “How do I make my makeup last all day?” There are plenty of foundations out there that claim to last all day but in Ireland, the most common skintype is combination, the majority of us Irish ladies have an oily T-zone. Unfortunately, this makes your makeup slide off or can leave you looking shiny by mid-day. The ONLY way to prevent this is to use a translucent powder.

Translucent powder sets your foundation, creates a lovely base for your blusher and bronzer and will keep you looking shine free much longer and also prevent makeup coming off on your clothes! I prefer loose powders, as I find many compacts can cake on the skin. This is because you are putting your brush or puff on top of the pressed powder, onto the oil on your face and back into the pressed powder again, which causes an oily film to gather on your pressed powder, which completely defeats the purpose of powdering for a longer lasting matte finish! Another problem with coloured pressed powders is that you may still find that a lot of make-up comes off if you are trying on different clothes, or you blow your nose, or you lay your head on your boyfriends shoulder -EMBARASSING! If you use a translucent powder, you will notice this happens much less or hopefully not at all!


My favourite translucent powder is by Laura Mercier and is simply called “Loose setting powder”, it suits all skin-types and it comes in one shade only, as translucent powder has no pigment at all and doesn’t alter the shade of your foundation. Perfect. At €43 from Brown Thomas, it is very pricey, however I had to go ONE WEEK without it recently and I was topping up my make-up every half hour to keep the shine at bay, whereas I rarely have to do it when I have my Laura Mercier on! And don’t get me started on the finish of my make-up without using it…

Does anyone else have a favourite translucent powder?


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  1. Powerd sometimes, well most times, makes me look really dry when i put it over my foundation. I already use a daily moisturizer and a moisturizing liquid foundation that I love, so if you have another suggestion, please let me know!

    • Hi Taylor! Thanks for the comment, I love getting feedback on make-up products! Depending on where the dryness is, you might find your skin isn’t dry but may be dehydrated! The best way to get rid of this is to drink LOADS of water – I know people say it all the time, but it’s a saving grace for our skin! Another thing is to NEVER use face-wipes to remove make-up as this causes majorly dehydrated skin! If your skin really is just dry in patches, a gentle exfoliator specifically for dry skin, used twice or three times a week will remove the dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling fab – I like The Body Shop’s Vitamin E exfoliant used with a facial buffer! If you find that this is still not working, the tip I use on client’s with dry skin when it comes to powder is to powder the normal or oily areas with a fluffy blender brush as opposed to sweeping the powder all over the face! Hope this helps! Thanks for the comment, Jazz!

  2. Hey, thanks for the fast reply! I’ve had dry skin from head-to-toe since i was born. I have mild eczema. But, i have some great lotions that keep it from showing. So, i dont think its water or the lotions I’m using… But, my face will show dry skin when I use a powder to set my make up.

    I do not use face wipes, but I do use a neutrogena make up remover., which someone told me will make me dry out So, I tried quit that and used moroccan oil, and it took off my make up wonderfully, But then i got a couple small white dots from oil build up. I was afraid more would show up, so i stopped that completely and am back to neutrogena. I loved how the oil made my skin feel, but i am afraid of those white dots. ??

    • No problem, I love getting feedback! It gives me inspiration for new blogs! I will blog on products for dry skin pronto! In the mean time I can tell you that those bumps are called milia and these are caused by a build up of dead skin cells, which is common with dry skin! Exfoliating twice a week will definitely help with this! If you like the feeling of oil on your skin to remove make-up I recommend Clarin’s Pure Melt Cleansing gel, which is a fab make-up remover which goes on like a gel and turns to oil on the skin! Used with a muslin cloth and hot water, it shouldn’t cause milia and will get rid of flaky skin! Another similar and slightly cheaper product is The Body Shop’s nutriganics range cleansing gel! Pop into them, I am sure they will give you a sample of both the exfoliator and the cleansing gel and try them out! So my tips for you is to exfoliate with a product for dry skin, and use a gel to oil make up remover with a facial buffer or a muslin cloth and hot water! Hope this helps!

  3. I am actually guna go get this on sat! Always wondered how other peoples make up didn’t drip of their face!!! Jess please do a blog on applying highlighter.. I’ve benefit Hugh beam but it always ends up mixed into my foundation an a big sticky blob 🙂 x x loving the blog

    • Hi D-bag! 😉 Did you get the powder in the end? Blog on highlighter coming up soon! But for now, the tip to high beam is to always apply it after liquid foundation and before your powder – liquid on top of powder will always go gloopy! ALSO, the trick I use is I never use the brush, I apply some onto my ring finger, dab it on to my cheeks in three small dots and blend it out!x

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